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At   BASICS, we embrace the entire business solution, not just the technology. Our focus is on the needs of our clients and achieves their business objectives. Our web application philosophy is simple : create applications that enhance and achieve business objectives, and extend your company communication efforts to the industry worldwide.

We provide a wide range of IT products and services to help our clients to achieve various business success and objectives. Our products and services include: Bank System Solutions, Web based applications, Corporate Website Design & Multimedia, Software Development and Customisation, Network Infrastructure, Web Security Products and Services, Finance and Banking Training Outsourcing, IT Project Management Outsourcing, and System Documentation Outsourcing.

We have been selected as one of the business partners of Founder Club (Sub. of Exploit Technology Pte Ltd, a subsidiary of A*STAR (Agency of Science and Technology And Research)) to provide various IT and web design solutions to its spin-off companies.

To date, we have successfully implemented various web application projects for both the local and overseas clients. In the course of our professional practice, we view the client’s business requirements and problems inside out, from the client’s goal to the target audient’s perception, we are committed to take a holistic approach toward what our clients call “strategically focus” solution.
Some of our clients
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Software Development
  Bank system solutions
  Web base applications
  eCommerce application

Website Design & Multimedia
  New website design consultancy
  New website and structure design
  Prototype review
  Website deployment support

  Other design services:
  Corporate Branding (Logo, Name Card,      Letterhead Design)
  Company Product Logo & Branding      design
  Copywriting Service
  Brochure, Advertisement Design
  Photography Service

Network Infrastructure
  Small office network setup (cabling      service)
  Corporate network infrastructure setup
  Server Backup solution
  Data Center Hosting service

Web Security Products & Services
  Network infrastructure security
  Web security scanning
  Web security monitoring
  System stress & load testing
  Various web security products and      services.

Project Management Outsourcing
  Various IT project management      outsourcing service.
  System Requirements study
  Writing of System Functional Spec
  System architecture design
  Database design consultancy
  Project development monitoring
  Conducting System UAT
  System deployment support

Finance and Bank Training Service
  Various finance and bank training      outsourcing service.

System Documentations Outsourcing
  System User Guide
  System Administrator Guide
  Technical Spec documentation
  Database Spec documentation
  Various documentations service